Once Upon A Time


Once Upon A Time is an interactive storybook inspired by a child’s imagination. Children act as their favorite character all day long, but with their own story line. At night time, they must pick a bedtime story that is static and only about one character. Once Upon A Time allows kids to “create their own adventure” based on whichever character they’d like to embody and using the toys they play with every day, but it can keep changing night after night.


The child wears or holds onto a piece of the character’s clothing, in this case, a red cape for the story of Little Red Riding Hood. The book’s magically changes to reflect which character they have chosen. While Little Red’s tale is the outline, a child can choose to incorporate other toys or characters into the story as they choose. The story will evolve depending on what items are chosen, creating a different story every time, all with one book.

Once Upon A Time was prototyped using Arduino, Processing, and paper. A model of the book was created to “Wizard of Oz” the pages changing based on the choices made. Hidden inside the cover of the book is a RFID reader and each toy has an RFID tag attached to it. When the toy is placed near the book the pages will “change” and Processing is used to show this digitally.

Future Applications

Once Upon A Time would be made with OLED screens as each page, allowing them to be transformed but still flipped like a normal book. Currently, the book pages display 3 options the child can choose from to change the story, however, ideally they could choose any item they’d like. This would mean that all the possible combinations would need to be created. This concept has a lot of potential for commercialization, as “character kits” bought individually to collect all stories.

Date – March 2016
Team – Sahib Singh
Skills – UX/UI design, Prototyping,  Arduino, Processing, Photoshop/Illustrator