Music Hoodie

An MP3 Hoodie that lets you play your music privately or publicly.

Private Mode

Put the hood up and use the zipper to control the volume. Slide the zipper halfway down to pause and back up to resume. Putting the hood down stops the music completely.

Shared Mode

Once the hood is down, others can control the music and the sound is projected to the speakers in the back. Tapping your shoulders switches tracks. They can pause the music using the play button. LEDs on the hood fade to the music.

Uses LilyPad Main Board, LilyPad MP3, two batteries, 10 LilyPad LEDs, Conductive thread, Conductive Fabric, Piezo, Zipper as Potentiometer and Two Speakers

code block diagramScreen Shot 2014-08-16 at 4.34.20 PM


hoodie sketch 20136297_Katherine_Kenna_photo220136297_Katherine_Kenna_photo1 20136297_Katherine_Kenna_photo4 20136297_Katherine_Kenna_photo3

Date – Fall 2013
Skills – Sewing, Arduino