In the summer of 2016, I worked with Dr. Stephen Sprigle, RearLab, and Georgia Tech to make costumes for the DragonCon Parade. DragonCon is a annual sci-fi convention held in Atlanta, Georgia; one of the days is dedicated to the parade in which groups of costumers walk down the streets of Atlanta. Dr. Sprigle recruited 5 wheelchair bound children, 5 ambulatory pushers, and their families to participate in the parade. The goal of the project was to integrate the wheelchairs into unique costumes, utilizing them as an asset, not a sign disability.

Read about the project on Georgia Tech’s blog: https://id.gatech.edu/industrial-design-dragon-con-georgia-tech


My role in the project was managing the 15 student and alumni volunteers, the 10 kids, and their parents. This included recruiting volunteers, scheduling deadlines and times to meet, overseeing and assisting in design and fabrication of the wheelchair attachments, sewing the worn costumes, and designing the logo and t-shirts


Process Photos Coming Soon!